Hi, I'm Lester

Product Designer, Motion Designer, Art Director, Third Culture Kid from Singapore and an OK guy.

My services

I create visual symbols that represent a brand, company, or product to help with recognition and establish its unique identity.
Motion design
I design the visual appearance and functionality of product packaging to enhance the customer's experience and convey information about the product inside.
Art direction
I provide creative direction and guidance to ensure a cohesive and visually compelling aesthetic for various mediums such as advertising, film, or publishing.
I craft unique identities for companies or products through strategy, messaging, and visual elements to help them stand out and resonate with their target audience.


Timothy Wave
Boxed Water
"Our new package made our business a huge revenue plus. Denise's communication skills was top-notch throughout the whole design process. I recommend her 100%!"
Michael Brent
Fugaz Coffe Ltd.
"Denise made our coffe brand rand stand out in the coffe industry. Our sales is 200% up since she rebranded our company"
Amy Montana
EH Sunscreens Ltd.
"I was blown away by the quality of Denise's work. She really captured the essence of our brand and created designs that we're proud to display."
Brett Cruz
Luma Candle Inc.
"Working with Denise was a pleasure. She listened to our needs and delivered an outstanding product that exceeded our expectations."